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Mccain Edwin - Russian Roulette lyrics

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Russian Roulette by Mccain Edwin

E. McCain
Hey boy pushin' on your girlfriend
Trying to show her all the pain you feel inside
Yeah and head all scrambled and the love is gone
And you don't know what went wrong
But I think I heard you hissing something about blue steel
But when you talk about something like gun play
Let me tell you its a losing battle
But when the hammer falls all bets are called
And five to one you're gonna lose
When you talk about something like Russian Roulette
Tears run down your sweet love's face
I say she's a mirror of your insides
And you can't scream loud enough to let it go
And the mouthful of pride you just can't swallow
Rips your souls like a hurricane tide
Pack up your ego and your tantrum
Put it back with your anger and your pride
Beating up on your girlfriend
Ain't gonna change anything inside

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