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Maryann Cotton - Skeletons In Leather lyrics

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Skeletons In Leather by Maryann Cotton

Chaos lives within our metal, the elders on out side
To kill all tightness is our mission, deafering the
Distorted fuck shall crush your cardrum, necrorip will
Don't dare to walk upon our path, deathdrums leads the
Skeletons of leather, march out of sodom raise your
Sons of the reaper, grant us the power and be our fans
Destruction, war and pestilence, nothing beats our load
A fist of steel strikes through your skull, your whole
Family explodes
Whores are sucking on our strings, bitches out of hell
Who said our music should be clean, we'll never play it
Explosive heat, war, total death, pain, crushing noise,
Bestial rock, all that we give you...
Dressed in black we live our lives and you can't do a
To make us slow down our riffs, piss on your feeble
Short hair is what we deny, we spit you in your cars
We are the poison in your veins and mercy we don't know
Satan signs our backing vocals, devils dance around
They bang their horned heads to the rhythm, the
Witching speed is bound
Watching from the burning stage, right into the flame
Soon of volume breaks it all, the roof comes down as

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