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Maryann Cotton - Saturdaynight Blasphemer lyrics

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Saturdaynight Blasphemer by Maryann Cotton

Thrown out from a party because I was too loud
Touching tits, throwing up and falling all around
I wasn't really welcome, so I punched the host
Insulted all the other until they broke my nose
Too drunk to feel my bleeding nose I leaned against the
I though: "the wine they store here surely would be
Nice to ease my thirst"
Said and done, I smashed a window by falling through
The glass
Suddenly I was inside and I almost broke my ass
Saturday night, my tounge is too dry
Becoming sober now isn't normal for a men
Saturday's not over, not meant to get sober
But with some wine I can be myself again
At last I found the bottles, every inch of me screamed
I drank and drank until I dropped, I was about to burst
The liquid has repaired me, all injuries was cured
I'm gonna cause some damage here, let's hope they're
Not insured
My stomach felt explosive, I pulled my trowsers down
I laughed and shit a long one upon the priest's gown
The bible comes in handy when it's time to wipe
Then I push the shitty paper down the organ pipes, ha
On the Sunday meeting, when the organist shall play
You'll cover your noses to avoid the stench and run
And when you come to babtise your ugly little daughter
You'll find my vomits floating in the holy water, ha ha
Ha ha ha!

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