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Marty Falle - Don't Thank Me lyrics

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Don't Thank Me by Marty Falle

The Pleasure's all mine,
Little girl you're welcome.
We can do it all again,
No need to be lonesome.
Don't thank me, Don't thank me.
You can talk about your day,
Tell me all your problems.
I'll try and listen to ya while I stare at bottom.
Don't thank me... Don't thank me
You can make me stay here, make me love u all night
And kiss you all over till' the mornin' light
And do anything that you want me to do
But not call you naughty names, less you want me to.
Don't thank me
Ooh Baby Baby
You long and lean
Don't thank me
Don't thank me
You can wear them crazy stockinins' and force me to watch ya
And prance around the room and show me all ya got.
But don't thank me, don't thank me.
You can take that ribbon off the back of your hair
And use it like a mop while I'm sittin on a chair
Don't thank me... Don't thank me
You can make me role-play, and act like your Jolie
Make me go fast or make me go slowly
Make me go places that I've never been
Tell me I'm good when I'm commitin' a sin
You can hurt me once, hurt me twice.
Make me see stars, you're cold as ice.
You can take my lovin' heart
And smash it on the floor or to pieces
You can laugh in my face when I come back for more
Or you can tease me till it hurts until it finally releases
Don't thank me (4 times)
Don't Thank Me

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