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Marit Bergman - Last word lyrics

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Last word by Marit Bergman

Sometimes we argue, just for a laugh
To terrories the neighbours, to freak out the cat
To get back at each other, for deeds long done
I don´t remember, how it begun
You say that I love, the sound of my own voice
I say that´s funny, since it´s you who makes the noice
You say you´re only trying to be heard
I say, why do you always have to have the last word
The very moments, opinions clash
We hurt each other, and thats just that
It´s easy for you to say, Why not give up?
But then we will be right back to another square one
Ooo, you say the problem´s always me
I say why cant we agree to disagree
You say that it only makes things worse
I say, how come you always have to have the last word
A: Even when we´re sleeping, there´s no respite
M: I dream we argue most every night
A: You´re a giant space above, bouncing on my head
Båda: Telling everybody watching, I got no friends
I got every reason, to be annoyed
But I´m seceretly hoping, that I´m just paranoid
Cause you look like a bubble about to burst
So it´s best to let you always have the last word

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