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Marianne Faithfull - Lucky girl lyrics

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Lucky girl by Marianne Faithfull

Thank you for the love you bring
This lucky girl.
You have given everything
To this lucky girl.
I thought fairy tales did not come true,
Now I can't be sure since I met you.
Please, take my love.
When you love me with your eyes
I'm a lucky girl.
Makes me almost realise
I'm a lucky girl.
If you would leave our love would surely die
The world to me is only you and I.
Please, take my love.
It's all I can give to you
Fort what it's worth
It seems as long, as long as I'm here
With you.
Darling I'll always be
Your lucky girl.
Then one kiss before you leave
It's lucky girl.
Yes, it's getting late now but now you know
That I just can't bear to see you go.
So take my love,
Take my love,
Please, take my love.

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