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Marc Nelson - Tell me what's up lyrics

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Tell me what's up by Marc Nelson

Trying to hold it down
you said it's over now
instead of getting sad
I'm getting kinda mad
so girl, don't pray for me
'cause I'm a pray for you
and if you wanna clown
I'm a comedic, too
you're never satisfied
always something wrong
but when I put it down
that's when we get along
before you turn away
to another love
while I'm standing here, baby....
Tell me what's up
Baby, what's up with you
won't you tell me what' sup
tell me what's going on
tell me what's up with you, baby
can't you see the thing you do
tell me what's up
are you telling me that something's wrong
won't you tell me what's up
tell me what's up with you
'cause I don't know what's going on
tell me what's up, baby
just the little things you do tell me what's up
you make we wanna tell you
what's up...
There was a child in me
being immature
But now I'm by myself
I'm lookin' at the door
Had no control at all I was deep in need
but now the time has changed
I'm lookin' out for me
but why was I
Losing my mind over someone like you, year
I feel in love but now I know what to do
lease, tell me why

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