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Marble - BK 2000 lyrics

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BK 2000 by Marble

When I think of you glowing and all those times spent beside you,
I can't think of one single word I ever said that was untrue
We were the club, and no substance could keep us away from the contest
And now that you're gone, there's a part of me inside that's upset
'cause I know we had to let you go away
But when you left you took a part of me
And so now there's just one thing we all want to say
"We just want to play our 'BK'"
And now these memories are all that I've got
You know there's nothing like the feeling of hitting a 2 million jackpot
And hesshin' boy would always take the ransom back up to the "O"
And if you weren't coughing, head spinning, then you knew it wasn't your turn to go
Back to the laundromat,
To make our pockets fat,
So now we're almost ready to go
We've gotta get all jacked,
And make sure we're packed,
So the money's easy to blow
And we'll start the game when we all feel the same,
And when the flippers extend from your hand
When your eyes are the ball,
The music's your call,
You hit the lightning wheel
Now I'm ready to win
My ransom chances look slim
I'd better play again
All those times beside you . . .
They're all gone
We're all gone
We're all cashed out now
We've got better things to do
And if there's one wish I could have today,
You'd give me one more game to play with you, BK

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