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Mandopony - I Survived The Night lyrics

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I Survived The Night by Mandopony

Thanks for the introduction
I must say it's about time
I'm certaintly not hiding
Although I've been looking for quite some time
You see
I totally agree
Sometimes to do good you must do a little bad
So I learned from the best
Told some lies to find the truth
And by golly it works
It's how I found you
I've been tracked every which way
And like you
I'm just good at what I do
Quality control
It's what I did
Of course you know part of my suffering was losing that too
I'm not here because I'm scared
I know your all ghost
And with karma you interfere
This is something I find disturbing
See knowing karma is real is the only way I've made it this far in life
Without fear
See I was born with heartache
So more suffering is never what I needed
I've never hurt anyone intentionally
Been broken hearted every time from the start
But never giving up hope
Never a victim
I've seen the worst
So I thought
My family
Something I'm not
I'm not here to cause any trouble
Just waiting for one truth in a million lies
And to help you all out with a little quality control
See I understand your concept
But it doesn't quite work out as planned
When those that you haunt
Find out in the mist of it all
The proof that you've all been wrong
To pick on me
Is I'll help you fix your damaged parts
All I've ever wanted from my life is to make good of the bad
So I guess this is all I have
See as I write my songs
I don't even know how or who I'm logged on
Tell me that's not something wrong?
I've kept myself silent
Only because my love is real
I've got to believe there is good in his oath to secrecy
Yes I've been betrayed
Broken to the core
But my love for him is so much more
So use my life
To fix those you choose in your next audition
Please put in a little more work
I'd hate for this to happen
To another just like me
Whos of course made mistakes
Along the way
But never a victim
Always finding hope
And never hurting others
Cause I knew everyone has their reasons for mistakes
Were all human
Except for you
The perfect
The 'good guys'
You tried to kill my spark
And yes you left a mark
But little do you know
I was writing songs about a ghost
Even before I knew this man who calls me is wife
As smart as I may be
I just need a little simplicity
I love him enough
To not ever keep him from his true love
Or live in misery
No that's just not me
And I'll leave quietly
With one true answer from him
I can handle another failed attempt at loving genuinely
He's shown me all I've ever wanted to be
And the world of you has taken it away from me
But I won't be broken
For I know my intentions
I know my feelings for this ghost of a man
Is all I ever wanted
I've got a list of people who deserve suffering
And believe me
It's not me
I've continuly pade for my mistakes
As well as for others
But don't you think someone else is about past due
Please don't make these mistakes twice
And don't mess with payback
Believe me it comes naturally
I'll share with you what needs to be fixed
And hide it all in a song
If that's all the good that comes from
Messing with my life
So keep on watching
I will put on quite a show
Just try to be more discreet
Yes I can see the robo tracking underneath
Sorry it's what I do
I'm good at it
So if your needing a helping hand
And you've realized I'm not going to end my life
Maybe you'll think twice
And let me sing you all a song
That will help this process along
Just give me one truth
One truth
One truth
I'm not hiding
Why are you?

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