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Maliah - Stay lyrics

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Stay by Maliah

Verse 1: Said we’d always love each other
And you’d never let us end
Then you disappeared on me
Left me alone for your friends
There’s a hole in this heart
Cus you promised we’d never
Spend a moment apart
How easily
You looked into my eyes
How easily
That you told me lies
And even though I know
You never loved me anyway
Deep inside of my being
My heart still wants you to stay
Chorus: I’ll miss you (Do you really need to go)
I love you (How much you’ll never know)
I just need for you to stay (Even though you walked away)
Verse 2: How could forever
Last simply for four months
I knew you were leavin
Let’s just call that a hunch
And I tried so hard
To hold onto my man
It wasn’t enough for you
And I don’t understand
N omatter how much
I denied
No matter how many
Nights I cried
You not coming back
And I cant accept that
Chorus 2x
Bridge: Now can you really say
You wanna do this
You know like I know
You miss my tender kiss
She could never be
What I have been for you
And you know
That is true
And the day will come
That you will come my way
And this time I’ll make sure
That you will forever stay
Chorus until music fades

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