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Siguro...? Lyrics



Siguro...?by Maki

Information Listing

  • Track: 5 on .Tanong
  • Producer: Nhiko Sabiniano
  • Release Date: September 22, 2023. Label: Tarsier Records

Annotations and Meaning.

The song \cite>Siguro...? Maki examines themes such as uncertainty, self-doubt, and the desire for acceptance and love. The word "Siguro" (Maybe) refers to the artist's inner journey of doubting their worth and role in someone's life. The song is defined by a sense of vulnerability and a desire for validation.


In Siguro...?, Maki explores the issue of uncertainty in relationships and self-identity. The song begins with the artist expressing self-doubt and an ongoing sense of inquiry. Lines like "Ako si baka, ako si pa'no ba" (I am maybe, I am how) and "Ako si bahala na, hindi si siya na" (I am whatever, not the one) indicate uncertainty and lack of confidence. The recurrence of these sentences in the second stanza heightens the sense of being trapped in an endless cycle of uncertainty. The artist challenges their worth and role in the relationship, revealing a battle with self-esteem and a desire for confirmation. Maki changes the focus in the third stanza to self-blame, depicting oneself as insignificant and undeserving. Lines like "Ako si walang kwenta, hindi si halaga" (I am worthless, not precious) and "Ako si nang-iwan, ako ang masama" (I am the one who left, I am the terrible one) emphasize the internal conflict and guilt. The fourth stanza presents a different perspective, in which the artist perceives themselves as the moon rather than the globe, implying a sense of importance while being neglected. The phrase "Ako ang kailangan, hindi ang gusto" (I am the need, not the want) emphasizes the desire to be selected and valued for who they are. The final lyric offers a glimpse of hope, with the artist expressing a readiness to try again and find love. The expression "Handang magmahal at muling ngumiti" (Ready to love and smile again) expresses a desire to continue forward despite previous rejections. The final sentence, "Balang araw, ako siguro?" (Someday, maybe me?) expresses the desire for future acceptance and recognition. Overall, Siguro...? is a moving contemplation on self-doubt, longing, and the hope for love. Maki's contemplative lyrics and emotive delivery express the common battle for affirmation and the fortitude to believe in a better future.

Siguro...? Song Lyrics

Siguro...? by Maki

[Verse 1]
Ako si baka, ako si pa'no ba
Ako si bahala na, hindi si siya na
Palaging tanong, hindi ang sagot
Parating muntik na, onti na lang

[Verse 2]
Ako si baka, ako si pa'no ba
Ako si bahala na, hindi si siya na
Bakit ganito? Buong akala ko
Katiyakan ako, ako nga ba si siguro?

[Verse 3]
Ako si walang kwenta, hindi si halaga
Ako si nang-iwan, ako ang masama
Hindi si tadhana, maling akala
Ako si huling naiisip nila

[Verse 4]
Ako ang buwan hindi ang mundo
Ako lang mali sa mga kwento mo
Ako ang kailangan, hindi ang gusto, woah, oh

[Verse 5]
Ako si handang subukan pang muli
Handang magmahal at muling ngumiti
Hindi man ako ngayon ang pinipili
Balang araw, ako siguro?

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