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Bakit? Lyrics



Bakit?by Maki

Information Listing

  • Track: 3 on .Tanong
  • Producer: Nhiko Sabiniano
  • Release Date: June 30, 2023 Label: Tarsier Records Mastering Engineer: Moophs

Annotations and Meaning.

Maki's song Bakit? delves on the bewilderment and sadness that come from a failed relationship. The repeating query "Bakit?" (Why?) shows the artist's struggle to comprehend the reasons for the separation and the resulting grief. The song expresses a profound sense of betrayal and a desire for closure.


In Bakit?, Maki explores issues of desertion and emotional agony. The first stanza expresses the bewilderment and disbelief at the conclusion of what was thought to be a true connection. The artist expresses betrayal and perplexity, questioning whether the relationship was ever truly genuine. The pre-chorus and chorus highlight the artist's persisting feelings after being abandoned several times. The repetition of these sentences emphasizes the cyclical and unresolved character of the pain. Maki continues to cling to the home her ex-partner abandoned, symbolizing her lasting attachment and desire for answers. In the second verse, Maki wonders why they are no longer desired, and whether someone else has taken their place. The metaphor of a butterfly in the stomach represents the artist's mental struggle and unwavering adoration despite their separation. The bridge is very dramatic, with Maki expressing dissatisfaction and a desire for answers. The repeated question "Bakit?" expresses a sense of urgency to learn why the ex-partner did not fight for the relationship. The last chorus emphasizes the artist's psychological struggle, in which they blame themselves for the split and are always looking for reasons. This introspection reveals the profound emotional impact of the lost relationship and the ongoing search for closure. Overall, Bakit? conveys the spirit of post-breakup bewilderment and longing. The song's repeated questions reflect the artist's inner struggle and continual search for understanding and healing. Maki's use of personal and relatable images enhances the emotional journey, making it vivid and moving.

Bakit? Song Lyrics

Bakit? by Maki

[Verse 1]
Oh, pa'no sa ilang taon na 'yon
Na akala ko ay tunay, oh, bakit nagbago?
Nagtataka, nalilito
Minahal mo nga ba talaga ako?

Bakit ikaw ang sigaw ng aking puso?

Kahit na ilang beses mo 'kong iniwanan
Paulit-ulit na akong inagawan
Ng mga sandaling ika'y kinailangan
Nanatili pa rin ako sa tahanang iniwan mo

[Verse 2]
Oh, bakit 'di na ako ang 'yong gusto?
May iba na bang gwapo sa mata mo?
Kasi kung paruparo sa tiyan ang basehan
Ng pagmamahal, nakalutang na ako

Bakit mahal pa rin kita?

Kahit na ilang beses mo 'kong iniwanan
Paulit-ulit na akong inagawan
Ng mga sandaling ika'y kinailangan
Nanatili pa rin ako sa tahanan
Kahit na ilang beses mo nang tinakasan
Ang mga tanong na pilit mong iniiwasan
Bakit parang wala lang sa'yo ang mga luha?
Umiyak ka man lang ba nung ako'y nawala na?
[Instrumental Break]

Gano'n ba 'ko kadaling kalimutan?
Punong-puno ako ng mga katanungan
Bakit 'di mo man lang ako pinaglaban?
Bakit? Bakit?

Kahit unti-unting mo akong binitawan
Simula nung siya na ang laman ng isipan mo
Sinisi ko aking sarili
Araw-araw akong nagtatanong kung bakit

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