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Mad Skillz - From where??? (intro) lyrics

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From where??? (intro) by Mad Skillz's not about the salary
I do this so mc's think twice before they battle me
Cause lonnie b can really flow sh*t (say what!)
This ain't no wo, thuggish ruggish, bow wow, yippie yo sh*t
I through yo rappers like a bad poker hand
(now tell me, biggedy b, the man, yeah!)
[lonnie b]
Yeah, my rhymes style's scandalous leavin mc's in bandages
So many niggaz on my dick now i feed them semen f**kin sandwiches
Hardcore when i throw rappers to the flow
Battlein me is like giving birth to a f**kin dinosaur
f**k wack niggaz it's my turn
So how you gon' rap the microphone
And come weak in a motherf**king rock sperm
Mad skillz got this f**king mig on
I suck ya blood out motherf**kers
Like tom cruise with the wig on
Yeah about to make the loop
Cause i can keep motherf**king rap until biz markie gets cute
Where you from, you gotta be from brooklyn man, you gotta be!
Na nah kid!
Yeah, na, ya that nigga from queens?
Na b nah, i ain't from queens
Oh! i've got it, that nigga from uptown, he gotta be!
Na, na, na kid!
No i ain't from uptown kid
Where ya from god?
From where???

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