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Madeintyo - Funeral lyrics

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Funeral by Madeintyo

[Verse 1: MadeinTYO]
Actually you was cool, for a minute
I thought that we was cool for a minute, we went to school for a minute
Yeah she [?] when I hit it, I admit it
I’m that good feeling, when yo head up in the ceiling
Rub yo sh*t when I hit it
Ye these bars ‘ould make you lift up
I’m in your stomach like a sit-up
Ice cream diamonds yeah, it just got my wrist up
5k Raf on your pants, with yo big butt
[Verse 2: MyNamePhin]
I had a [?] she tryna eat me like some feast
Wanna split me like a swisher but we only smoking backwoods I’m
Balling like [?], coloured hair ‘cos a leader she
Mad ‘cos I ain’t wanna kiss her now, she pop a xan and act but she listen
This money first you, trippin’ it so different on Twitter pitching the verse if you
Got a bag then come get it just thanks for nothing you suck ‘cos you
Swallowed and should of spit it and [?] chrome kitted my
Momma said go and get it ‘cos niggas be all frilly like really like
I don’t get it, how come these niggas be bluffing your
b**ch a [?]
[Verse 3: MadeinTYO]
TPC sh*t
I love the private club
If I let you borrow the flow you gotta bring it back though
I’m tryna ball like Kobe, yeah with the afro
I get that chicken then jog, run through the back though
Japan smoking eight, yeah uh purple grapes
I know you lost this side, she tryna troll the high
Posting weak sh*t, flexing, but she just need a ride
And we just hit, Neiman Marcus I just got the slides
Margiela ribs, yeah you busting out your thighs
Flat screen, yeah I need that sh*t real wide
Next house, I need the pool with the f**king slide
And I ain’t letting sh*t slide
TPC 2018
[Verse 4: MyNamePhin]
I got a cougar with a Ruger, she don’t even listen to my music
But it’s some’ about that ratchet, take her in the Gucci snatch it
Her eyes bigger than her closet and, my pride bigger than that I’m sorry ‘cos
Niggas be coppin’ gucci, and you thinking I’m next to do it
Girl you foolish what you talking, I got it [?]
You catch it like Randy Moss while I’m shroomy tripping get losty huh

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