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Madd Maxxx - Lepke lyrics

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Lepke by Madd Maxxx

Let me tell you a story in its' purest form
About a young man caught in a hellfire storm
He was born mid-1920s in Poland
So I think you might know where this is goin
Maybe it was fate
Jewish in a town called Rod in a beautiful place,
The middle of five children four didn't escape
But wait that hasn't happened yet. This man was named Lepke
He was not a soldier he was just the son of a blacksmith
He used to roughhouse with his brothers for practice
A child to smile and laugh with
But trouble brewed
A little more than 4 years before 1942
Lepke was at school a few miles from home
About to have his mom blown
Him and his friend on one bike
Riding home for the Sabbath on Friday night
As they crested the hill what a terrible sight
The village was so brown, fire
Screams of a demon's choir
All in the name of the Nazi desire
They looked at eachother and they cried and slurred
They knew they had to fly like birds
They couldn't even check their homes,
Who was dead who was alive they did not know
Only place they could go was the forest where they used to play
And it's where they stayed
They knew every cave and stream
Spend the day searching and the night sleeping in trees
Just to avoid sentries and Gestapo patrols
Winter in Poland is cold.
Lepke was 14 years old
And every single member of his family was gone
How could this happen it feels so wrong
But he knew that he had to stay strong
And carried on
Meeting people away living just the same as they were
They banded together to survive in nature
And it worked for a little while.
Eventually the group got pinned down
Looks like there's no way to live or to win now
See a man named Teview was was basing one night and he gave their position away
Couldn't stay, couldn't flee
But there was a Russian squadron where they used to be
And so Lepke was chosen to leave the group
On this extremely important pursuit
(This is the most important moment of his life. Any kind of sound would draw fire. Which would mean death for them. Old and young. Male and female alike. So it goes...)
So he crawled through the forests in the dark of the night
Doing his best to avoid all of the soldier's sights
And the moon was so bright, it lit his path
But the feeling of relief would pass
No one could see him but they were closing in
And Lepke knew that his group would be doomed
If he was captured or killed so he had to move
Didn't really know what to do what he saw was a trap
So he maneuvered around to the back of the patrol
Saw one soldier standing alone and he had to go
He attacked, a fight began
Kept trying to cover the soldier's mouth with his hands
But he cried out for help
Another one heard and he came by himself
And he threw a grenade
It didn't explode, Lepke knew what he had to do
Strangled that Nazi blue!
Put his body on the bomb and then when it finally blew
The diversion gave him time to escape
Running at a grueling pace
The cold sweat dropped down his face
When he finally found the place the Russians were he was panting
Vision blurred
Told him his problem and the Nazi's location
And soon thereafter the artillery rained in
They took em all out, the group was safe
Reunited with his friend Haish
The same one he lost his home with
The war's not over though they both know it
The Russians gave Lepke weapons and food
Because they knew what he was able to do
This whole story is true
The name is the same and the details too
And it doesn't end there
More is to come
Many Nazi's fell to my grandfather's gun
And he was just one of many parties and forces in the woods and slums
And that's why on my arms "Survivor" is stamped.
The Holocaust was more than camps.

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