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Madd Maxxx - Don't Feel Like Home lyrics

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Don't Feel Like Home by Madd Maxxx

See, Days are white and the nights are black
You gotta keep eyes over your back
It really doesn't feel like home when you know that the controller's in the hands of all the places it attack
In fact these days are short but the future waits
And when it comes it'll take us back
And we can all see where the road is really going even though when we all know that when we get done we can't go back
Now let's see which street was I supposed to take a right at?
Told my homies I would be right back
Just picking up a dimesack
Wasn't even using my own car
Three blocks away, shit I didn't even go far
Pulled the car up, window down
He leaned in and five seconds later, BLAW
Fuckin 4 DT's all flashing smashed on the both of us
Five minutes later in cuffs
In the station they sayin that I fucked up hard
Over one sack they seek the maximum charge
The other dude double possession with intent
He was packing 80 grams in bags, that's his rent
Fucked up part is this ain't happenin
Even happen to somebody somewhere some city some state
No breaks ain't nobody gettin off
Even if it's only probation, pay your boss.
Everybody knows what the deal is
You pay or you stay that's a fucked up feeling
Just knowing that the money is at the bottom of justice
Buying freedom we do just this
Then when you're looking at the federal banks
And where the money really comes from it's a fucking prank
You're telling me, you could put 10 in the vault
And turn it into 90 with fraction loans
Yo this all just does not make sense
Wanna know how much of our money is physical? like five percent
The rest is in the computer in the database
Safe place with some nuclear weapons up in the same state
When they ready to steal it all we fly the coop
They gon' bury in the rubble I try to shoot
NWO I hope that you know the truth
Cause the time is coming soon like poof
Fuck spittin in a vocal booth
I still owe for the equipment I used to do this
Get what you earned, just go where the truth is
And it simply is not in institutions
Those are the people that'll rob your payroll
They rob your day hole
And they rob your soul
Never let an official determine your livelihood
From deviants divide and find the good
Don't tell me money is gonna resolve my problems
In fact most times money revolves them
Bosses and landlords and nobles whatever you wanna call em
Tell me one reason that you work for and follow em
Paychecks apartments lifestyle accouterments
Most people have some and don't know what to do with it
And so they spend all they got on useless shit
And wind up broke living out of that stupid whip
All that you had you spent on a nice car
Now your ass is sleepin in the back seet freezin
Lookin at the moon through the sunroof beamin
Arms inside of your shirt shiverin, what's the reason?
Cause you wanted sex? cause you wanted people to think that you were cool?
Well look what you get now you're so cold you can see your breath
Put your fingers on your next check if you're alive
Kinda looks like you're dead inside
Head is high but your eyes are red and dry
I can tell you this lesson and I get just why
It ain't my place but I ain't lettin this one fly
You need to just get smart or stop with the excess
If you asked me if I ever cared I would have said yes
But you probably don't give a fuck what I think
You'd probably care about a bomb bitch you can buy a drink right?

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