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Machine Head - Violate lyrics

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Violate by Machine Head

I want you to know this
I want you to know just what I feel
You told me through sacred lies
I told you once with bloodshot eyes
You told me don't ask
Just stay away from me
You told me it'd be alright
I told you once, then told you twice
You can't face
Can't you face me
I won't pray for you
I can't pray for you
Because you took it away
Because you took it from me
First verse
Thought I could never ever f**kin'
find another
Get a muthaf**kin' chance again
Because the power
is the rage that can devour
Gotta make that fear descend
Without it, you ain't sh*t
And you ain't sh*t to me
Berating, a scathing
Grave indignity
I see the look
inside your eyes
It makes me sick
Defiling innocence
Is how you get
your kicks
You violate, and
then you think
yourself a man
You violate, and
then you call
yourself a man
Don't come my
Don't care what
you say
Pray you f**kin'
Before you feel

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