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Machine Head - Colors - Ice - T lyrics

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Colors - Ice - T by Machine Head

I am a nightmare walking - psychopath talking
King of my jungle - just a gangster stalking
Living life like a firecracker - quick is my fuse
Then dead as a deathpack - the colors I choose
Red or blue cause a blood - it just don't matter
Sucker die for your life with my shotgun scatters
We gangs of c.a. will never die....just multiply
You don't know me, fool - you disown me
I don't need your assistance, social persistance
Any problem I got I just put my fist in
My life is violent, but violent is life
Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
My colors my honour my colors my all
With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall
Tell me what have you left me, what have I got
Last night in cold blood my boy --- got shot
My home got jacked, my mother's on crack
My sister can't work cause her arms show trax
Madness insanity - live in profanity
Then some punk claimin they understandin me
Give me a break, what world do you live in
Death is my sect, guess my religion
My pants are saggin braided hair
Suckers stare but I don't care
My game ain't knowledge - my game's fear
I've no remorse so squares beware
But my true mission is just revenge
You ain't in my sect, you ain't my friend
Wear the wrong color - your life could end
Homocides my favorite venge (beach? )
I'll just walk like a giant - police defiant
You'll say to stop - but I'll say that I can't
My gangs my family - it's all that I have
I'm a star - on the walls is my autograph
You don't like it - so you know where you can go
Cause the streets are my stage - and terror's my show
Psyco-analize - tried diagnising me wise
It wasn't your brother that brutally died
But it was mine - so let me define
My territory don't cross the line
Don't try to act crazy - cause the shit don't thank me
You can be read like a punk - it wouldn'ta made (amaze? ) me
Cause my colors death - thou we all want peace
But our war won't end - till all will cease

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