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Macc Lads - Blackpool lyrics

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Blackpool by Macc Lads

One day after closing I was lying on me nest,When Stez shouts "get yer bags on, come on outside."So I grabbed me stripy tank-top, I 'ad beer stains on me vest,An' I said "best get some cans in, it's a long ride."Well, we drove along the M6, chuckin' cans at other folk,An' stopped at all the services FOR PHOTOS.Picked up some fit hitch-hikers,An' we told 'em filthy jokes,An' piled them in the back seet fer GROAT-OS.We're going down Blackpool, alright,We're going down Blackpool, fer a pint,We're going down Blackpool, alight,To see the lights...Mutley's in the drivin' seat,Stez Styx is in the front,An' we're going down to Blackpool,To up some f**kin' cunt.An' Peter's in the back seat,An' his crack is goin' "gerrit"He's got his finger up her like a ferret.Now ten miles outside Blackpool and we had some real bad luck,Mutley shouts "O f**k, we've got a flat."And THE BEATER chucked the jack at some cunt ten mile down the road,So we made him go an' get the f**ker back.The twat.We're going down Blackpool, alright,We're going down Blackpool for a fight,We're going down Blackpool, alrightTo see the lights...(repeat)

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