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Lupillo Rivera - Tu y Las Nuves lyrics

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Tu y Las Nuves by Lupillo Rivera

Naked Eye
Luscious Jackson
Wearing nothing is devine, naked is a state of mind
I take things off to clear my head to say the things I haven't said
I live inside the elements the the earth and sky are my best friends
Water is the evidence that washes me from end to end
With my naked eye I saw the falling rain
Coming down on me
With my naked eye I saw
If I said it all I could see
It's not a choice I tried to make
It's not a thought I couldn't take
Something told me it was time
To leave you yours and leave me mine
My vision started to be clear
I watched the sunlight coming near
I knew the day, I knew the night
I knew I could regain my sight
And it feels alright
Last night I came into your home to break some ice and throw some stones
I asked if we could be alone I had some troubles of my own
Knew I had to say goodbye to all the old things held inside
And if I let the moment fly
I knew they'd all be magnified
And it feels alright
Came around after dark
You are nothing but a lark
Though I snuck in like a narc
I knew I had to leave my mark
Wanted to be satisfied
I tried to be dignified
Wearing nothing is divine
Naked is a state of mind
And it feels alright

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