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Lumbanya - Turn It On lyrics

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Turn It On by Lumbanya

Intro: Turn it, Turn it on. Turn it On, before it’s gone
Chorus: We all live in a world where everybody’s young and reckless
It happens everywhere since (Since) the world is never endless
I’m living my life can’t you see, Time to glow in the dark and just be me
When you see the light just turn it on, before its gone (x3)
Verse 1: I know what It’s Like to be young and reckless is
Never being too careless or cautious,
You have on life to live so you got options
People conscience is poisoned with toxin
Like a business corruption or volcanic eruption
Just have a brain and think
Or else your life will sink on the brink of destruction
If not, your life will mean nothing
Verse 2: Sometimes this world is a dark and scary place
A the dark Depths of space, let’s cut to the chase
There’s darkness in the air, fight it face to face
Do it at your own pace
Take your time, it’s not a race
Be a man and try to take a stand
As a leader, this is your demand
Always try to glow in the dark,
You never know it but your mind might spark
Be proud, loud and bark like a dog
Out of the crowd, like a frog
You can hop your way through the fog
So just be cool or else you’ll be schooled
Oh Boy, Look who’s the one that’s going to get fooled
Then you’ll feel brand new and part of the crew
Aint Luke Skywalkers but the force is in me
Anyone can be a hero with their pockets empty
Chances of success,50% maybe
Verse 3: Think about this and have a brain
In our world some people will go insane,
Move it up like a crane so you can go sky high like a plane
Chorus (x3)
Outro: If you have a brain turn it on,
Come to the light before it gone
Before it’s gone, before It’s gone

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