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Lumbanya - Get Known lyrics

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Get Known by Lumbanya

Chorus:Remember be who you are
Cause everybody's love will go very far
So be real from the start,
This is what you have to do so just do your part.
This is what you have to do to get well known,get well known,get well known
Now you know time to go for the gold
Time to get known(x2)
Verse 1:Man I'm just chilling
I have a good feeling,that I've been the coolest kid around town since the begining
This is not like a fairy tale ending
It's real and I'm not pretending
Wish these moments are never ending
Don' t wanna be so commanding like text messaging and sending
To be popular you gotta be who you are this ain't no trick but you gotta play your cards.
Get out there and start to meet some new people but whatever you do don't be evil
Or dark as the time of medieval.
Try not to be dangerous as weasel
Cause you're cool so don't look like a fool
Fix yourself up cause it's your perfect too.
Remember be brave as a knight alright or else you'll get schooled.
Everybody friendly and you know it
If you're happy so try to show it
Be on task and own it.
Keep begging like you want it badly
People will gladly respect you and you know it's true
They won't laugh at you or make you look like a fool ,just know you're cool
Honestly man you know that you can be the better you, Now you got a clue of what to do
I already know what it's like to fit in with the popular crew
Cause you wanna be cool too
Since you want to accept you are.
This what happens when friend go very far
Keep shining like a star
Verse 2:
I know what it's like to be the new kid in town
,At first you don't know people all around
After you meet some of them you fear will come down
Ending up like a king with a crown
Nobody's blind inside is you true colors
If you be who you are and not like the tohe others.
Well for me my friends are like brothers from other mothers.
All you gotta do is be clever, Let the sun shine over your bad weather
Know that you brain is a machine so pull the lever.
I aint no doctor but i can make you feel better
Sometimes you can have friend to make an ill crew
Everybody will think you're amazing and cool.
People talk about the style and swag
Keep up with it so the don't look like an old hag.
Dude trust me,all the girl will go crazy with fresh clothes,Nice personality.
When you clean daily and be on top of your game.
Without that,That's just a shame.
Being popular is like having all the fame till your life will never be the same, not lame
Take it easy,take a big breath
Like you're trying to get an a on a test so
For real,this is how i feel
Making a deal that i can seal
By being confident not cr*ppy
Make people happy,Don't make them flee
Get em to cling to cling to you like a bee
It's ok if some people don't like you
All you gotta do is be the true you
Screw the haters the don't have a clue.about the real you forget them the are just fools
Outro:Yeah! you know what time it is
Yeah Ya heard?

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