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Love History - The Mass lyrics

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The Mass by Love History

The mass is eternal but its shape goes through changes
Everything loses its shape, even the things of no shape.
Eternity of the past spreads in the eternity of the future
And the shape is its game!
A sea flung up a continent just to split it again and swallow....
Atlantida? Where....?!
Role of man is to destroy, to rape his own mother....
And to laugh at the majesty of time.
Role of man is to gnaw, to change and to reshape.
He forgot to caress the stars
Because he has to extinguish them
And to put them below his head at night.
A huge wall of sound inside the ears
And a great pressure in the eyes -
Chronos and his laughter.
Try to kill a dragon with a needle
Just like try to stop the Time...... try to submerge your teeth in the mass at least!
To adapt to the once created Earth
To attack a limit of impossibility
And to master Eternity.
Though a mass can not swallow up itself
And a sea can never get dry....
...just a man will breathe in and then he disappears again....
...never hearing Chronos' laughter anymore!!!

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