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Loud Family - Where They Walk Over Sainte Therese lyrics

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Where They Walk Over Sainte Therese by Loud Family

And if we wake up we'll start someone's day
And have someone's say
Walk their walk away
And if our leg's in a cast, we'll walk slow
Go such as we go
Use shortcuts we know
And if we dead-end at Ste. there'se lawn
We'll just walk right on
Bring beer, drink till dawn
Jumping over lines of graves
Did they know they were causing our problems?
I don't absolve them, I won't speak well
Was much more done than they need to be proud of
Now that they're out of pride and need?
And when we showed up we'd learned the routines
And walked through the scenes
Knew what hard work means
And when they reran the old shows we cheered
As if we revered
What seemed only weird
And when her dad picks the phone up, the news
Burns holes in his shoes
One wager, we lose
Did she so offend there, guilelessly willing to shine if she's supposed to?
Hard to get close to, born to pass by
I want to promise it's worth holding onto
Wrong not to want to always try

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