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Loud Family - Cortex The Killer lyrics

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Cortex The Killer by Loud Family

I'm out in front of awful weather,
Trying to hold together air that barely clings
My empire and any autumn
Day are getting thought of as different things
Stained clothes cleaned with agitation
Lush earth scorched with expectation
We brought compasses and felt pens,
Strong as Boris Yeltsin when he looks and sees
That in the future we'll be modern
Former lives, forgotten old world monkeys
What we've seen that's really out there
Comes sidelong while looking elsewhere
Watch these legs work, I've been looking in every doorway
I've hung out where I'm not liked
But Boston students still own early evening
Sacramento, these base feet offend your ground
I have let your people down
With any action
There's an equal faction who don't agree
With their jolly cheering sections,
Priapic erections, autonomy
Sextants swung to gauge the chances
Pace kept with wrong circumstances
All we brought home was the need to convince young children
That once, this clearly was worthwhile
And for that argument, we'd need the world
As it was then
Before our crew arrived, and it came, for us, alive
How can I say without just talking
We won't ever walk on country first or last
I'm fine to reapply the steamer
Classify the lemur, wave cyclones past
When the wind's died down completely
Is all air now where it should be?

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