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Lord Jamar - Advance The Game lyrics

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Advance The Game by Lord Jamar

Yo muthafucka, I don't rhyme like you (what?)
You'se a pig eating nigga, I don't swine like you
Yo hold up... let me run that back again
In case these niggaz didn't hear, check it
Yo muthafucka, I don't rhyme like you (no)
You'se a pig eating nigga, I don't swing like you
You wanna rhyme about jewelry, tom foolery
Now how the fuck is you schooling me?
You ain't got shit to say
You got the same shit to say, that your man said yesterday
Let me guess, your rims are twenty plus, ain't it
Cuz in your pants, you got three inches
It's like penises, can give a fuck if I'm not seeming friendly
Insecure, all your pimps and whores, are you
Gods or Earths, I always kick the hardest verse
Let me show you how the smartest work
Ya'll niggaz keep rashing the subject
You under bashely, feeding that track to the public
You all wanna be the same living
I don't blame Jigga, but you wanna be him
You wanna be Puff, you wanna be Baby and Slim
You wanna be Suge Knight, no one crazy as him
Wanna claim 'thug life' with 30 days in the pen
Let's get right, time for Lord J to give
Yo, let's advance the game
How many times can we rhyme about cars and chains
How many bricks can a nigga really sell
How many times can a nigga really go to jail
How many murders can you do on one album
Put 'em together, must of did about a thousand
I'm just saying let's change it up
If not, nigga, hang it up
Aiyo, call me a hater, that's just what I expect
Defense mechanism put in effect
Say what you will, but still you know I'm right and exact
All I'm saying can we tighten the slack
Can you be a little original in writing your raps
You should all give residuals to Kool G. Rap
We done set up the game with the booby traps
Y'all some acting ass niggaz with your movie raps
You all sound alike, like you all found the mic
The same day, rhyme the same way
Somebody change the rules to the game play
I thought the aim was to do your own thing
I'm just saying what some niggaz is scared to
Or maybe lyrically unprepared to
Either way, I'm making Knowledge Born
Stop sucking these niggaz, like a dick you was slobbing on
Yo, be original (what) your shit is sloppy (that's right)
Get off the dick, you muthafucking carbon copy
You and your precious stones, without 'em you just flesh and bone
Some topics should be left alone
I'm not here to fucking sweat your chrome
You came here to fucking set the tone, nigga
I ain't mad that you got what you got
But you sing about the shit, a whole muthafucking lot
Do me a favor, keep it to yoursellf
Give me information that can help, put the bullshit on your shelf

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