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Loon - Do what you like lyrics

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Do what you like by Loon

Ewwww Ewwww Ewww Ewwww Ha ha
Yea come on
Ha ha
Yea Come on
Ha ha
Uh yea haa haaa [giggling]
Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa Check out the bazaar chicks stay showin
me love like muahhhh. Bad boys are quarter million car. Lona caked
up u rollin wit a star. (that right)A rich kidd that toke the biscuit wit
European chicks on my way to the district. Witness I went from misfit
to give away gifts to kids on Christmas. What u a thug neva that u
wrong the smoothest gangsta to eva make a song wont take long that's
why my cake long n threw all the pain I remain to stay strong. Most do
but get they save on see the nigga loon n wanna get they blaze on play
on get tapped by Shavian cuz nigga Loon been a bad boy since day one.
[Trina (chorus)]
I just wanna roll wit u daddy (Do what u like) serious can I go with u daddy
(Do what u like)I just wanna be a bad girl (Do what u like) I just wanna
make ya toes curl (Do what u like) Now can my friends come wit me
(Do what u like) U know Monica n Nikki (Do what u like) I just
wanna be on ya team (Do what u like) I just wanna make u scream
(Do what u like)
Yo I testify I can't lie I respect ya mental but its not that detrimental.
Sex is simple n Loon get enough of it Chicks I hit leave my room n be
lovin it. Dro keep puffin it got chicks dat puff hit so sit back n realize who
u fuc'n wit a true play a mac nigga wit Loon. Loon been get stacks way
back since the ruler. Rick The Ruler Ice game was cooler caked up before
Jacob was the jewler ma these othas dudes uh fool ya have u in back seat
givin nigga medulla what u need is a old schooler that a show u the game
like Don shula young Marcus young pretty n heartless niggaz could talk sh*t
I run wit Diddy regardless.
Yo whas the word Loon lookin for Berb just heard the wods im comin round
the curb its ubsurb this nigga dragin the fur n on top of that yo who the f**k
is her (who that's) bodacious tight make sexy faces plus likes sexy places
kinky spots like a bakini to pop rough sex make it steamy n hot (huh huh) I
cant lie bad boy be ballin rollin wit this sh*t they keep callin (keep callin)
whats wrong wit that, nigga u got a jack every five minutes flap ringin off the
wrap (brrrrrrrr) u sling crack? Na nigga I wrap (neva) been 8yrs since a
nigga done did dat, odats phat, n I appreciate that but u worst den them ho dawgs
so please fall back

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