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Loom - How You Want That (Dj Remix) (Feat. Kelis) lyrics

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How You Want That (Dj Remix) (Feat. Kelis) by Loom

(feat. Kelis, P. Diddy)
[Pharrell Williams]
Hah hah hah hahh - hah
Hah hah hah hahh - hah
[Intro: P. Diddy]
Yeah, Bad Boy baby!
Loon! [Loon humming]
It's your turn now kid
Show em what you got
[Verse: Loon]
I be that young handsome cat
Same color chocolate
Same nigga pop shit, same nigga got shit
Loon ain't no lame, Loon never gossip
Nigga Loon in the game cause Loon got some hot shit
Sick of you cats screaming out block shit
I done sold numerous drugs and drew the block sick
Look at me now, pull up in the drop six
Bitch in your block looked at my watch and she got sick
Look at her now, all up in the cock pit
Rolling my windows up to get a kid top quick
Loon is a pimp, trick ain't the topic?
Nigga you do the shrimp, trip to the tropics
That's not my steez, not like me
It's not the way I wanna blow my cheese, like I blow my trees
The whole world know I need, a girl that'll curl my toes for me
[Chorus: Kelis (2x)]
How you want that? Tell me how you want that
How you want that? Tell me how you want that
Daddy how you want to give it to me
A Bad Boy is what I need
[Verse: Loon]
Less confusion, party with Puff last conclusion
Grab shorty there wit the hair, ass is huge and
Lips is juicy, way she move her hips so loosely
Critical curves see it through furs
Curious so I want to see if it's hers
Delirious so I had to see if it's her (it wasn't me)
I ain't touch you that's on me and my words
You ain't gotta flip the script, kick me to the curb
Cause I was, just checking you wasn't disrespecting you
Lips so sexual while your friend's protecting you

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