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Lone Ninja - To Live And To Let Go lyrics

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To Live And To Let Go by Lone Ninja

Talk for hours, through the motions that we have no time to waste
There's a season when you suffer,
Like the wind the words you breathe
What was said for, what was done for
Everything returns to dust?
Steel emotions hit the jackpot, as it all gets back to us
And I'll sigh you'll leave and we woke up on TV
Walking through the closed door, you came crashing in
Its wonderful, to see you smile
We scrutinize, everyone who doesn't get it
I need to know that you're out here
To say you'll stay forever
To live and let go
And I've made one mistake; won't you give me a break
There's more there then you know
With a subtle command
With the touch of your hand
Oh no, a model image, what we live for
Elaborate your scenery
The way we see ourselves and what we are,
Is always we try so hard, so rule out the consequence
I don't mind I'll leave, but do we ever really leave?
I only get all choked up
I sit alone in fear
Your expectations
So hard to ealize
The complications
Whatever we do decide
They have to feel just right

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