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Loggy - Sun Setter lyrics

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Sun Setter by Loggy

Throw a hoody on and come with me
The fires dyin down we need gasoline
If there's time to pass, come and pass it with me
And let our minds run off and do miraculous things
Let the day give away the sunrays
And I'll trade my Mondays in for Sundays
And I'll lease the middle of the week
To buy 4 Fridays and a cold pack of 18
Tonight's gunna last forever
What I'm tryin to do is try to do better
Lets relax, drink up and chat
Dig down to the roots bring story time back
When the sun dips low and we find us alone
Just you and me and the ocean is our song
When the wind is cold and the flames all die down
We throw gas on the fire and never let it go out
I feel the cold sand under my toes
Tellin my feet that I should never go home
And the way that the fire returns to glow
Is just like high school when I first enrolled
Too high off my show to listen to you
Buzzed from the love given visions of truth
Hittin the booth gunna misbehave
Cuz I rise right up and break like the waves
And add a little something to my lemonade
Just to make sure I can escape to the better days
Pass me report cards, pass me your resume
I need kindling or else the flame will never stay
When the sun sets and it's blood red
And I can barely see the color of her sundress
So blessed to be where I am,
One address where you can find me man
Salty air, send me there
Not allowed to leave cuz I'm not allowed to care
Millions of thoughts hangin in the air
And I think it's time we grab one to share
So stare right into my eyes
Does the reflection make it seem like there's fire inside?
I'm feeling one way and that's feeling alive
And I'll never die down with you by my side
Light the bonfire
Chill with the moon
Pass around dreams
We'll be there soon
Light the bonfire
Chill with the moon
Pass me your dreams
Try to make em come true

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