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Loggerisback Lyrics



Loggerisback Song Lyrics

Loggerisback by Loggy

Haha, thought you were blowin up didn't you?
Checked your facebook and everything.

Nope, it's just your boy Loggy... gunna give it to ya one more time. Like this...
All I try to do is live it live it right up,
Sip it sip it right up from my starbucks cup.
Give a give a fly fuck diva divide up,
The righteous stuff, you gunna like this son.
I make my own waves, ima ride em on out,
Created so my crowd can sing my songs out loud.
Frat house, a back yard or the stadium,
Run routes now, but my futures in my cranium.
Yaaa you can pay your respects,
But I don't accept cash or checks.
Just a dude that buys attention with my own two cents,
Obsessed with makin love so I say I hate sex.
If Cudi is the kid then I'll be that guy,
With a quick twitch mouth and a wandering eye,
Sittin pondering why we long and livin to die,
We only go around once so I'm livin it right.
My body is a temple up on the instrumental,
I'm on secret level even Mario aint been to.
Be gentle it's simple, cuz all that is essential
Is my buddies at the party drinkin Loggys being mental.
Bring me home so I can meet your folks,
And I'll dress right up and wear my freshest cologne.
Confessions alone are worth their weight in gold,
And I'll probably catch some heat if my story is told.
Gotta love it put a little blue on my shades,
And my tongue out in the pic like I'm catchin some rain.
Lounge all day with my two shoes goody,
And my beats stay right got a Buzz like Woody.
With a hoody, and some vans not sneakers,
Cuz my feet need friends like my students need teachers.

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