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Footprints Lyrics



Footprints Song Lyrics

Footprints by Loggy

When I'm stressed I go outside
And tell the world to buckle up so we can go for a ride
Were takin flix along the way so we can document the day
And post the pictures that we take up on your Facebook page
So I can make you say wow, this kid can get down,
Little did you know I used to be the class clown
Never was allowed to be a part of the crowd
I had to take my own steps, and made my own route
Life is obnoxious, loud, and outta control
And the world's chokehold just never lets go
Till lo and behold you let me approach
I'm tryin to turn our rocky road into some yellow brick gold

Follow Me
We're makin' Footprints
Follow Me
We're makin' Footprints
I love writin music
Cuz every time I hear my lyrics bumpin out the car when you're cruisin
It validates the many hours given to the movement
Adding me and Mikey's lives to your ears to prove it
Why does it feel like they keep on stressin me
Go get a job is what they keep on tellin me
I'm not the only kid that feels dismay
And I can guarantee the minute that I hear the world say
It's got a nine to five waitin with benefits and pay
I'll throw em the peace sign, and be on my way


I love gettin better
Food for thought, if we all chase cheddar, does it ever get caught?
For a lot of us now all we seem to be doin
Is fighting with the boredom by puttin up with the nuisance
But the future looks fine, and were at a full sprint
The snow just fell and were makin footprints


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