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Logan Lynn - Panic lyrics

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Panic by Logan Lynn

There is panic in my soul tonight
Because there is nothing behind your eyes
Telling me you are still in love with me
And so it turns out that you were always right
To predict how this will be ending
But I was never listening
I was blinded by the light of disillusionment
I was always forgetting
That I was not allowed to hold you so close
Until you turned out the light
I was to wait until you were sleeping
And that was all that you could give me
I knew you had to be awake sometimes
And were just too afraid to stop pretending
That this was not the safest place you had ever been
And I keep wishing that you would reach out and touch me
Reciprocate some of the safety
But I could not get you to love me
You could not be awakened
And you will never be awake
You will never be awake
But I keep wishing
Said I keep wishing...

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