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Local Porn Star - What I Want lyrics

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What I Want by Local Porn Star

Cursed as I rehearse and kick the phat verse,
So confused by my mind because my minds so perverse.
Thoughts clouded while my secrets are shrouded,
Unexpected since, since my minds highly touted.
Left on my behind by my foolish pride,
Lack of clarity has cut me down to size.
Think before you act and watch your fucking back,
You're gonna need the knowledge the knowledge that you
Oh my God it's happened once more,
Confused delusions got me on the floor.
Still can't figure out what you said,
I got these crazy thoughts all running through my head.
Now why'd you do that? Now why'd you say that?
Now you've gone and got my brain all racked.
Your always looking for an elusive answer,
You've infected my brain like some sort of cancer.
Cursed by my own confusion indecisive with my thoughts.
Cursed by my own confusion I can't tell you what I
What I want, what I want, tell you what I want,
But I think I rather... Not
What do I want? Well why do you want to know?
Does knowledge of my thoughts placate your ego?
Options weighed, while my thoughts are not conveyed,
Playing with the fire has obstructed my way.
Dragging my feet, with my mind so unique,
My mental instability has reached it's fucking peak.
Inner disagreements as my mind is torn,
Hurts to think, thoughts wrapped in thorns.

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