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Livingston Taylor - I Belong lyrics

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I Belong by Livingston Taylor

Let's go fly
I've learned how
We'll stick out our arms
And run real fast
Pick up your feet
And WOW!
You're headed for the blue
Things get clear
And that special place
We've tried to find
Is now somehow so near.
What a way to be with you
Hand in hand above the clouds
I have loved you quite forever
And now I'm saying it right out loud
What a kick to open our eyes
And watch the world go drifting on
Slap my seat
And wiggle my feet
With you I belong.
Let's go swim
In the ocean deep
Now get relaxed, breathe real easy
As if you were asleep
We can watch
While dolphins play
And hum along with that
Bubbly song
That they sing on holiday
What a way to be with you
Special guests in the fish parade
I have loved you quite forever
They're thanking you
For the life you've made
Who would have thunk
When we got sunk
That we could find a different song
Wherever you are
Is where I belong
Outer space
Should be fine
We'll kick it right up to the speed of light
And drift back to the time
Before we met
Before I knew
That someday I would see you smile
And my life would all be new
Weightless when I'm in your orbit
Gravity when you are near
I have loved you quite forever
Should I tell NASA that you're here?
Voyager took a left at Pluto
Into the dark of the great beyond
Let's tag along and find new stars
Darling where you are
I belong.

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