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Little Willie John - Heartbreak (it's hurtin' me) 2:53 lyrics

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Heartbreak (it's hurtin' me) 2:53 by Little Willie John

(Thomas, Hoyles)
Recorded May 1960 King Single #5356
Pop Chart # 38 May 30, 1960
Other personnel unk.
Intro: organ
Heartbreak, it's hurtin' me
Weak in the knees, loose in the head
My baby has left me
And I wish that I was dead
Heartbreak, it's hurtin' me
I'm dyin' in the eye
Lost my sense of touch
My baby has left me
I love her so much
Heartbreak, it's hurtin' me
She lead me to believe
That I was all she had
This morning I was happy
Tonight I got 'em bad
Heartbreak, it's killing me
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
(Instrumental, sax & organ)
I know been a fool
How taken I have been
If I see my baby
I'd run to her again
Heartbreak, it's a-hurting me
It's hurting me
If I was a judge
I'd send her to the chair
I'd sit right down beside her
And she wouldn't leave me here
It's hurtin' me
Heartbrea-yoo-hoo-hoo, yea-eah
It's what I'll do.

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