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Lisa Lopes - Keep your head to the sky lyrics

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Keep your head to the sky by Lisa Lopes

Keep on you so try
keep on singing let's try
keep on moving try
Keep your head to the sky
lift your life and reach high
wipe your tears and don't cry
you will make it if you try
keep your head to the sky
lift your life and reach high
wipe your tears and don't cry
you will make it if you try
To all my little shorties coming up in school
don't forget what they said about the golden rule
"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
your life is what you make it and that's true
and if you don't know what i'm talkin bout
then listen up to what a beat
you better watch what's comin out'cha mouth
cuz while your talkin bout your friends
showing these messages you sent
gotta real funny way coming back again
i know that life can be a struggle (struggle, struggle)
you stayin in and out of trouble (trouble, trouble)
weapons used killin our youth
what's up with that?
you feelin used and abused
wanna strike back
then do yourself a favor
take the anger flip it around
i'm telling you He's the savior
there's more to life than you may ever know
but you must recognize
what it means to grow
In the mist of all this confusion burnt bridges turn into bruises
i conjure flames out in fusion mental combustion to music
compells the demons to shatter
miscontrusing the fantastic
imagine how clear to plastics
time to fault the unnatural
copin and dealin makin me feel like i'm about to burn any second
losin the feelin like life is depressin
generations are burnin and people ain't the same no more
for real cuz he drops, she drops
what happened to the fall we rise?
it's nothin but encouragement we encourage with pride
if you instill the blessings and return to now for no lie
unfold your eyes don't be blinded by the pain and the tears
you never dried
realize peer pressure of our young adolescents
bulletproof vestin
and searchin for questions
we tell them everything but the truth
for instance there's pride inside
squash the bullsh*t and you'll be alright
and we'll make it to that other side
Now as we step through the light and grab the mic
let's try to look for the difference between wrong and right
you know they listenin to everything that we resite
but if it's glistenin that makes it aiight
we got shorties on the blocks who know they glocks
believe it or not
we raisin the last generation through Hip-Hop
we can't forget about Playstation you don't stop
what's wrong with the nation? it's flip-flop
but we can turn it all around starting with the sound
spreadin love from the Rock 'N Roll to the Underground
we gotta take control of our minds, bodies, and souls
nevr fall, never fold, never fold
and then let the truth be told there it go
let it show
open your mouth and let it flow
into the depths and through the blackest hole
[Chorus 3x]

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