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Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - Kiss This lyrics

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Kiss This by Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Title: Kiss This
Artist: Lisa Angelle
Album: Lisa Angelle
Knock,Knock,Knock Well Let Me Guess
It's Not Moses Or The President
Little Boy Blue With A Dozen Posies
Looking For A Little Ring-Around-The-Rosey
You're So Sorry And You Want Me Bad
Kiss My Broken Heart
All The Pieces That You Tore Apart
Kiss My Wounded Pride
Take Back All Your Little Lies
Get Down On Your Knees
And Kiss The Sky 'Cause You Made Me Bleed
You Say,Baby Let Me Kiss Your Lips
I Say Baby,Kiss This
The Big Bad Wolf Is In Your Face
And You Ain't Gettin' Near This Lace
'Cause Bo Peep Don't Live Here No More
She Got Caught In Your Slammin' Door
Let Me Tell You Just What I Require
[Repeat Chorus]
Love You,Love You
Do I Love You - You Know I Do
Hurt Me,Hurt Me
Do You Hurt Me - You Know It's True
Look Me In The Eye And Show Me
Something I Can Believe
[Repeat Chorus]

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