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Lingerbliss - Oshidori lyrics

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Oshidori by Lingerbliss

Hi kururéba
Sasoëshi mono wo
Akanuma no
Makomo no kuré no
Hitori-né zo uki! (x2)
Was in the month of June
On one unlucky day,
A hunter´s arrow
Whispered through
The thickest air
He wasn´t a bastard at all
But the famine had him
And his judgment easily blinded
By the side of a pond he found
Two sacred swans embracing each other
In loving devotion
Hunter, disturbed,
Prepared an arrow
And shoot...
Sadly accurate
It pierced the male´s chest
He yelled out and closed it's eyes.
His spouse couldn´t believe it yet
Her heart was also pierced
That noon at Akanuma...
With a single arrow
He pierced two hearts
He didn´t know until that very night
When at midnight he woke up
With a fever and
By his side saw a girl on her knees
Crying bitterly
Next to his bed
The walls were crying loud
The moon lit up her face
So withered...
Hers was a misery unspeakable
Said "YOU... killer... tomorrow
We shall meet there
Where a pound of flesh
Worth more to you than
A love sacred"
At dawn hunter left the shack
And ran...
Through the forest,
Reached the marsh
The lonely spouse
Tored her heart
With her beak
To end up with her misery
Yet hunter yield to guilt
He understood...
How unspeakable her misery was

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