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Lingerbliss - A Stolen Name lyrics

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A Stolen Name by Lingerbliss

registers on his journal
From right to left
The phases of the moon
Is this the pattern which follows
The chaos?
May at least be a path
To follow for now.
I´m the hanged,
Hanged by the heart
Or by the foot,
Does it matter?, gives the same.
While the hangman skips our date
Here I'm learning how to tie up myself
How to torture myself
I Don't need to be pushed
I´m aware of my mistakes
I´m the fool, girl
For the Greater Good, a threat
Always guided by the common sense,
What the hell?
People proclaim what they can´t obey
So you should´t be so severe,
Outsiders is what we are
Don´t deny it to me,
Don´t deny it...
I've stole a name
That suited me perfect,
Like a beautiful disguise.
With the sound of those words,
Also the bell within me
Sounded, very loud
But I have to be what
I was made to be
I can´t choose my name
Or even what it means...
It would be like fighting
Against your own shadow
Your old name would return
To haunt you
Fool, don´t go any further
Towers are descending
From heaven to hell.
Girl, better being nameless,
Freedom costs some certainty
He says it gently
And he shows proudly
Nakedness of his heart...

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