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Linda Ronstadt - El Toro Relajo (The Troublesome Bull) lyrics


El Toro Relajo (The Troublesome Bull) by Linda Ronstadt

written by Felipe Bermejo
¡Agua! Que ahi viene un toro
Es el relajo
Escndete tras las trancas, chatita
Que viene bravo
Y avintame tu rebozo mi vida
Pa capotearlo
Toro, Toro, Toro,
Entra de largo
Que mi prieta chula, torito
te esta mirando
Toro, Toro, Toro
Toro relajo
Ya te estoy quitando, torito
lo alebrestado
Ya vana abrir las trancas
De su chiquero
Que ya le quit a este toro, mi vida
Lo mitotero
Ahi va como borreguito, chatita
A su potrero
The Troublesome Bull
Watch out! A bull is coming
He is trouble
Hide behind the gate, cutie
He is wild
And throw me your shawl, my love
To bullfight with it
Come in freely
For my beautiful girl, little bull
Is watching you
Troublesome bull
I am taming you, little bull
Now, they are going to open the gate
Of his corral
Because I have already tamed him, my love
See him go like a little lamb to his corral
© 1954 Promotora Hispano Americana de Musica, S.A.
Copyright renewed.All rights controlled by Peer International Corp (BMI)

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