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Lil Wyte - In da streets lyrics

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In da streets by Lil Wyte

(chorus) In the street about my business how I bea bea.
If ya want some work from me you pay a fea fea.
When i check my crack house im gonna ree-up ree-up.
For you robbas in da hood i throw my heat up heat up.
They always be askin, what is crack cocain, crack cocain
fries ya brain. Crack cocain keep me pocket change when
I be on my slang. Keep them thangs, single, solid or a brick
up off da house. Try to snatch my sh*t without payin im
blowin off ya mouth. Thats da way it is up in tha dope game,
have no respect. Yo heads wit no brains in this thang, blow
some big ass checks. Drank to tha liquor store, thats where
we rollin ta get my 7-5. Damn, they close at 11. Yes im
ballin doin 99. Work da whole week ta get dat cheese and
get dat sh*t ta me. Bet you feelin sh*tty, fall asleep on
da side of da street. Tell me how it feels, walkin round,
I know whats goin on. Only thang you know is im the one
supplyin all tha stones. Keep my pockets swole and ill
be ballin on yo f**kin slabs. Think you droppin decisions
in my buisness, take yo bigga stab. Yes, i roll wit
dealers and these scrillas my priority. b**ch, I roll wit
killaz and these killaz have authority.
Well, I aint wastin mine. Gotta get dem nickles and dimes all
da time cause Benjamin Franklin da only motha f**ka
on my mind. Im ridin two door cutlass, twanky threes, grippin
pine. And I know tha junkies see me, colors changin all
da time. When ya spot me betta stop me cause i am
not stayin long. Tha pigs would love comin up on this
white boy ridin on all this f**kin chrome. Got ya stones, b**ch
im gone. Destination, where i stay. Frasier boy up on da
side and b**ch we headed to da bay. Whatcha talkin bout?
Whatcha askin bout? Whatcha need from me? Check it
out, I serve some big bags, some crack and some
ecstacy. Anythang else I dont f**k wid it, or I just dont
f**kin know where ta find it, where ta get it, and how far
tha sh*t would flow. Theres smokas and sellas, these
drugs be so plentiful, but junkies will do anythang
fo they crack man, its pitiful. They lose they life, critical.
They body shut down, physical. But rock it up, you
get yo grip and all that there is beautiful.
It aint no use stoppin here, I could keep boomin slangin
this dope. Or I could, take a chance on da track, flippin
this bird to a gross. But see, its just my luck folks will
problly kick in my do. So I gotta keep lookin ova my
shoulder watchin out for dem hos. And I gotta go
find another location, puff it up waitin on temptation.
Theres so many faces and customers in this
occupation. I have got no patience and people wanna
f**k wit my time. Thats why you be comin up short
purchasin nickles and dimes. I'm even with mine.
You get it how I get it and thats all da time. I never
decline, yo money unless you smell outta line. And
im feelin fine. They'll find you all tied up in some twine.
My money's important. A little more important than
how bright I shine. Dont play wit that 9, you pull it,
use it, abuse it wit mind. Its eager ta blind and
copyright yo mouth wit yo mind. Im puttin it out and
given it to you just how i get it. This evil is wit it, with
no discussion. This how i spit it.

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