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LIL' TROY - Diamond & Gold lyrics

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Diamond & Gold by LIL' TROY

yo nigga, we rollin on the phone,
rollin mo scrilla on my primCo phone,
i'm like a big fat gorilla with my skizza,
like a mutha f**kin game quizza.
I buss a left, a right, i'm mutha f**kin tight,
my frosty wrist is worth a mill,
now get down ho and suck on lil' will,
we rollin down the block, with intendin to kill,
put up yo mutha f**kin hands, yo, this sh*t fo' reel,
the Po'Po' be creepin on the lo' lo',
cuz they don't no no, i'm the big ass skrilla that be f**kin yo ho,
now get down on your knees and slop da knob,
don't f**k with this skrilla, i'm the motha f**kin bomb,
and i eat chicken wangs with corn on the cob.

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