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Lil Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms lyrics

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Take Me In Your Arms by Lil Suzy

You came and turned your look my way
What else can I say
Love was in my eyes
You came and made my life complete
With your love so sweet
You gave your love to me (you gave your love to me)
Take me, take me in your arms
And don't you let me go
I need you more and more
(I need you more and more)
Your love is all ever need
You're my destiny
This love was meant to be
We'll find a paradise for two
A place for me and you
With our love so true
We'll make our dreams come true
(we'll make our dreams come true)
*~*CHOURS (2)
You can see
Time hasn't changed my memory
Please tell me
I'm not living a fantacy
Ohh just imagin how I feel
When I am so close to you
Two heart beatting as one
We can do nothing wrong
The day when we are young
Laughing and playing in the sun
Will nerver be the same
So take me in your arms agian
*~*CHORUS (4X)

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