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Lil' Flip - Forever Banging Screw lyrics

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Forever Banging Screw by Lil' Flip

Ay, u know me i ride wit my trunk raise up
Boy I'm riding dubs u better put them blades up
Banging screw four fifteens kick hard
Around da block one time come back and switch cars
Sip barre cause it's a family tradition
i'm the freestyle king it ain't no competition
I'm a screw head
i ride black, blue, red,
niggas call me lil flip nigga i can do that
I thought you knewwwwww
that we forever banging screwww
I thought u knew that(2x)
I done bought tha cat bought tha house
Got about thirty karats inside my mouth
I represent the dirty dirty the dirty south
I even put it down with Swishahouse
I got more syrup than waffle house
nine nine graduater i walked across
I run through all hoes like Marshall Faulk
I f**k with Big Pokey and Big Hawk
Underground mix tapes got us fame
f**king with real niggas got us game
Screw up click bout to go worldwide
and once ya cross 610 welcome to the southside
Thanks to my nigga screw i got my shine on
Now my nigga gone so i got to rhyme strong
ima go platinum cause i'm a lyrical threat
think about you every time i hear a casette
chop up but them niggas cant chop like u
them niggas cant even make the music stop like u
so ima keep u alive every time i rap
on da real DJ Screw put us all on the map
So every time i bust a flow ima show my ass
he taught me two things keep it real anf fold my cash
b**ch im rich still dropping undergroung sh*t
f**k the radio i drop underground hits (im a screwhead)

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