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Old Days Lyrics

Lil Durk


Song Facts

  • Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
  • Lyricists: Lil Durk, Southside, Smatt Sertified, Wasa
  • Producers: Southside, Smatt Sertified, Wasa
  • Album: Love Songs 4 the Streets 3 (2024)
  • Label: Alamo Records & Sony Music Entertainment
  • Release Date: February 23, 2024

Artist Info

Lil Durk, a prominent character in Chicago's rap industry, is known for his honest and passionate storytelling. He rose to prominence in drill music after releasing the "Signed to the Streets" series. Durk frequently raps on the challenges of street life, personal grief, and his climb to prominence.

Annotations and Meaning

In Old Days, Lil Durk reflects on his history and the changes he has faced. The song begins with a passionate message to his family, emphasizing the value of being connected despite his hectic schedule. Durk's comment of giving money regardless of their need demonstrates his love and responsibility for his family. The first stanza dives into Durk's personal hardships and the terrible reality of his childhood. He discusses the emotional impact of his grandmother's illness, as well as his avoidance of seeing her out of dread and sorrow. The fact that his friend Chino visits more than his own family highlights the intricacies of his relationships. The mention of "older rats" implies treachery by individuals he formerly trusted, underlining the idea of loyalty and trustworthiness. Durk's lyrics about substance misuse reflect a terrible moment in his life. He admits to selling and taking drugs, which has resulted in serious health difficulties. The sentence about his heart needing a pacemaker due to his drug addiction is particularly stunning, demonstrating the physical toll of his lifestyle. Despite these challenges, Durk remains resilient and dedicated to his community. Durk's second lyric expresses his desire for peace and an end to violence. He wants for a brighter future for his community, citing parallels with rapper Meek Mill's efforts in Philadelphia. Durk's goal to reshape Chicago and effect positive change shows his development and aspirations outside of the music industry. The chorus's repeated prayer for the street underscores Durk's concern for his town. He acknowledges the suffering and struggles that many people face and expresses hope for better days ahead.

What Does the Song Mean?

Old Days is a pensive and introspective song in which Lil Durk reflects back on his history while also addressing contemporary difficulties. The song explores themes of devotion, betrayal, and human growth. Durk's frank narration illuminates the difficulties of street living and the impact of fame on personal relationships. The words express a strong sense of duty for his family and community. Durk's admittance of his own sins and the consequences he endured gives the song an honest and relevant quality. His passion for peace and a brighter future for Chicago reflects his transition from ghetto rapper to community champion. Overall, the song encapsulates Lil Durk's journey, combining raw emotion with a bright outlook for the future.

Old Days Song Lyrics

Old Days by Lil Durk

You know, I been talkin' to my family on group FaceTime
They don't ask me for nothin', they just tell me that they miss me, know what I'm sayin'?
I be, I be tellin' 'em it ain't about money, but I'ma send it anyways
Know what I'm sayin'? I love y'all

[Verse 1]
All the times I said granny, that's the passion that it's from
Her condition scared me so much, I ain't visit her in months (Uh)
Chino visit me more than them and he only visit me just once (Uh)
The older rats got out before unc' and they around here like it's nothin'
How many niggas I used to f**k with told me f**k me over money?
Said thе block gon' get on his ass, that's why he ain't nevеr make a comment
The autopsy of Von body had me coughin' up my vomit
I miss the old days, the old ways, my history iconic
I was takin' so many pills, I was so high, I really abused it
Started sellin' Percs, I turned around and started to use it
Took my name off rehab, I replaced my name with Doodie's
Had to get a pacemaker, my heart was skippin' deuces
Jumpin' over hurdles, Smurk life so exclusive
Ain't lied yet about nothin'
I wish I could stop the war, I really wanna live in peace
I wish I could stop the war, but it's too late for them to speak (Oh)
I want the politics in my pocket, I wanna treat the 'Raq like Meek
But it's me, I'll do everything to show them I ain't weak
I'm the streets, who ever thought I'd make a million off of beats?
They need Smurk now, they can make millions off of me
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga

[Verse 2]
Tell Petey that I miss him, can somebody give my number to him?
Plus he lost his son, that's my lil' cousin, he got trauma to him (Oh)
Crib hot, window up, blackout, thunderstorm
Rondo mama know I love her even though I ain't been talkin' to her (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Play with me, get backdoored, he rather let the oppers do it
Don't get shot on my block 'cause St. Bernard ain't got no trauma unit (Oh)
He was filled with Xans and lean, now he filled with embalmin' fluid (Oh)
The killers gotta step in for the peace, can't no rappers do it, I can
Shout out to who locked up who was locked in (Oh)
Where them bloggers at that said Smurkio not top ten? (Woah, woah, woah)
I beat my case in 2014, they let the cops in
You can't find no peace today, go walk inside a masjid (Oh)

Now you got real street niggas that want motherf**kers in jail
So we into it with the opps, which is the police
The police, which is the—, it's like, come on, bro, like the streets over with
Niggas gotta understand that sh*t, man, it's nothin' left out here, bro
Like, you just gotta protect yourself, protect your family, who you love
You can't be around all this sh*t, this sh*t ain't the same no more
You got rats doin' interviews, you got everybody stickin' together who doin' the wrong sh*t, bro
We real stand up niggas
Like, when was it ever cool to backdoor somebody you love?
When it was ever cool to set somebody up who you love?
Like, this, this, this the new streets, like, I don't wanna be a part of that sh*t
I wanna be a part of the, of the generational wealth part
Where it's still leadership around, when it's still organized, like
That's why I don't never respond to sh*t
I'll never get on no interview and talk about nothin'
Whoever say somethin' about me, go on 'head
I never responded to no nigga in years, but guess what?
I never been b**ched, I never been slapped, I never been robbed, none of that sh*t
So have fun, but all real niggas f**k with me and they know what's up with me
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga

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