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Lil Dicky - I'm Right lyrics

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I'm Right by Lil Dicky

Wassup y'all, I realized that I neva
Kinda just really swag on cats
You know what I mean?
And I was thinking about that
And like damn, D, why the f**k not?
You know what I mean? Like your swag is a real thing
I think, and I been lookin' at other rappers' swag
And bein' intimidated by it
Why? I'm an impressionable young man
I guess I can tell you I'm flyin' up big and I'm bout to get money
And girl, I ain't jokin', America also agree I am funny
The rap? Oh, you like it? Well this is some sh*t I picked up in my 20s
I'm really a writer, you know it is stupid, I got it 800
Can't f**k with that, no, hoe, can't f**k with that
Honestly, I could have any job I f**kin' wanted but I f**k with rap
Real sh*t, bruh, I f**k with rap
And I don't mean it like I f**k with that
I mean it like I run a muck in that
Talk about somebody cocked and get prez off that (?)
Know what I'm sayn? In the mirror right now?
Act like a man, play right now
Play like I ain't get 100 thousand for the fans right now
Act like I ain't playn that out
Act like nobody gettin' pictures(?) for the mac, picture that
Right? Cuz I rap nice, I'm attracted to that type, livin' that life
And I'm ? who he not like, move that right, tribble out to the left
But it's barely worse
b**ches playin' married if I'm killin' evans
A B become it's bird, go ahead and f**k em, I'm rare
And my jumper is ill
Y'all got swag, but I got reservations
Y'all just boys, and I'm the voice of my generation

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