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Lil Crazed - Take My Hand lyrics

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Take My Hand by Lil Crazed

It's been a few years now, time flies
It was like yesterday, I was wiping my eyes
From my cries of you leavin' my life
But I realize when I cry, well you up in paradise
Don't get me wrong, I still miss you to this day
And I wish you could witness your little cousin on the stage
But some things change, it's the way things go
21st birthday – probably got your wings and halo
But you always been an angel in disguise
Now stuntin' to an angel in the skies
Step back put your picture to the side
Close my eyes with my head up high reminisce your life
Thinkin' 'bout the times we had way back we were reppers
Flashbacks to the past ain't as bad as I expect it was
But you ain't gone, you just live in the sky
You had one life to live and you were too sick to die
Take my hand and hold it tight, I will never let go no not for life (x4)
Hey boy, how you livin' up in heaven cuz?
Even though you ain't here you know that we still sending love
Now I know you stay true up there
'Cause I look outside, the sky's blue up there
Recall the night I have you a ride in my car
You said, "Keep on rhymin' in no time you'll be a star"
Well, you don't know this but I took that to the heart
And I use the word to motivate me to get this far
And now I'm doing big things like you said I would
And I now I'm gonna make it one day 'cause you said I could
'Cause if I want it bad enough it'll end up good
You supported me, not too many understood
I don't think you understand how much you meant to me
But things happen for a reason, this was meant to be
Cause no there's nothing hard, you livin' heavenly
And since life goes on, I hope you rest in peace.
Take my hand and hold it tight, I will never let go, no, not for life (x4)
Hey Slim, you weren't like anyone else
When I called for you, you never hesitate to help
So the day you left I can't express how I felt
That it hurts to talk to you 'cause it's like talking to myself.
But I know you hear me loud and clear
'Cause the only thing between us is the clouds and air
Man, I can't wait to see you again
Great granddaddy way up high, I know you with them
And your great uncle too, the one that past from cancer
I know you up there with them now, as happy as ever
And not to mention your sister you lost when you were younger
Who'da thought, a few years, you'd be together
I'm done mourning your death, I'm celebratin' your life
Whenever darkness falls, eventually it gets bright
So yeah, I'ma make it through, I'll manage
And by the way, I don't love you to death – I love you past it.
Take my hand and hold me tight, I will never let go no not for life

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