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Lil B - Rules Of The Game lyrics

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Rules Of The Game by Lil B

They better believe when I say, they can’t fuck with you lil b
Now what I mean by that man you need to come to the table
I need you to spread this money
And I got everything bet on you lil b, you feel me?
Once again I told you, the world can’t fuck with you
You know, it take, sometimes it take time for …to take that time, you heard me
But I’ma tell you some about you young bra
You know lil b man he real nice out here man
And the motherfuckers can never take what you done
You better keep it based man, keep it based for life
You know wassup, lil b holler at em
It’s a new day and my niggas gonn eat
Man it’s money in the world, I get it out of the streets
Don’t fuck with me, man I’m keeping my eyes out
Keep the straps and the bag just in case I ride out
Homicide another day, new life, new breath, 2 blunts to the chest
Move sucker take steps, … it takes my breath
You’re top of the game, that’s that boss’ aim
Congratulations bitch for how far you came
Pat yourself on the back, that’s the hardest thing
Nigga I’m still gangster but I’m smaller
I ain’t gonn touch the gun, nah, and I ain’t gonna use that water
I ain’t gonn use those gloves because nothing is harder
Coming back from 10 years, serving half of your charges
Now you a starving artist, put your soul in the harness
Have you locked in the cage, they treat you bad regardless
I just speak what I know, I keep it based regardless
I just keep it so honest, these niggas is fronting
Without this rap game shit, I would be with nothing
That’s the end of discussion, no bags, no hustling
Giving thanks to the world and giving thanks to the people
Man it’s fire in my eyes but my flame’s not lethal
Man we a different breed that change colors to city
Say you met lil b but I wouldn’t believe you
I’m the man behind the power, I can see no cowards
I just take another shower, get my thoughts together
People dying every hour, why my nigga ain’t make it
This shit make me so sour, no more power
People gave away that power, but I see that …
Even on the corner, I was different, you see
Even with the thugs, yeah I was realer,
Neck in neck with the killers, I still hand with the skrillers, fuck em
Yeah, and I’m stuck in the game, stuck with change
Stuck with the fame, stuck with the flame, I’m still stuck with my brain
Numbers and thangs, it’s nothing but chains
Nothing but change, you feel me
I’m say it’s nothing to change, but gotta handle bindess
That’s the rules of the game
Lil b for lil boss, fuck these lames
You did it, thugged out, we get money now
And we ain’t looking back
We going to the top y’al
Based world, we going to the top
You know short steady win the race, keep it smart with the pace
Keep your heart right, you know
Motherfucker talking the night, but it’s alright
You know I see em watching
Well like I say, you lil b, are one of the greatest ever to do
Go to sleep at night lil b, you a legend
You changed the game, I did that, like the motherfucking captain
I ay, to that, party hard sir, lil boss
Number one boss rapper alive in the world
Boss rapper alive, I hold you down for life, lil b

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