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Lil B - Rich Ho lyrics

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Rich Ho by Lil B

[Verse 1]
I'm on my grind
I'm on my shit
Twenty stacks for a show, that's a fucking bit
Twenty karats on my wrist, that's a fucking bit
Play around with me, edge the tips
Semi-autos, extra kicks
Ice on my hand, 50 G's
Suck my dick, bitch Mr. Clean
Sunroof back with the doors open
Thirty on my dick cause I'm Bob Saget
Girls love me, know you're a faggot
In the hood like a carburetor
Ten on my dick cause I'm Darth Vader
Rich ho, rich ho, I'm a rich ho (swag! )
I'm a rich bitch, and that ho on my dick
[Verse 2]
Like Waka Flocka, we on da way!
All my bitches act gay
Thirty on my dick cause I'm James Worthy
Fuck you young suckers, nigga Aston Martin
Five on my dick cause I'm Ricky Martin
No homo; I'm rich, ho beg your pardon
I got fire like the Twin Towers
Six rings, ten bitches, and I got the power
[Verse 3]
You try to fuck me over, you better watch your asses
Glock 9, red beam in between your glasses
Bitch, I'm sexy as I wanna be
Suck my dick cause I'm rich and it's boss status
Bitches on me, even the ones that's foreign
You're a fake thug, you're so boring
Shotgun where my bitch sit
A hundred bitches on my tip cause I'm a rich ho

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